Saturday 13 July 12.00 - 13.00

Susanna's Contemporaries - Abstract

John Lenton will be presenting: Susanna Wesley, John Wesley and “the Extra-ordinary Call"

John Walsh had an important passage about John Wesley’s phrase “the Extraordinary Call:” “He had a simple criterion for the evaluation of each providential call to a new irregular “prudential help.” Did it win souls and build them up?.......”  He justified  “the use of [male] lay preachers (“extraordinary messengers”),” and sanctioned “women preachers on the same grounds , assuring  Mary Bosanquet,” that Methodism was “an extraordinary dispensation of his providence, therefore I do not wonder if several things occur therein which do not fall under the ordinary rules of discipline.” This paper attempts to explain that statement and link Wesley’s ideas on this to the influence of Susanna Wesley. It deals particularly with Susanna Wesley’s defence of Thomas Maxfield and  with John Wesleys’ letters to women preachers.

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