30 June 2012

A fresh vision for Methodist mission at home and overseas

Today, the Methodist Conference agreed a new understanding, vision and purpose of the Church's calling to worldwide mission, seeking to integrate this more fully into the work of the whole Church.

"Mission is the lifeblood of Methodism," said Mr Daleep Mukarji, Chair of the Mission Working Group, who presented the Future Mission Together report to the Conference. "This one mission is local and global, wherever it is located. Instead of having a separate missionary society, we want to ensure that mission and evangelism become even more embedded in every aspect of the life and work of the Methodist Church. As we learn and grow as disciples of Jesus, I believe that mission will move closer to the centre of everything we do."

There will be a special bicentenary celebration of the Methodist Missionary Society (MMS) in October 2013, coordinated by the Leeds Methodist District, to recognise the outstanding work of the Society over the last 200 years. Following this, the Conference has agreed that the work of the Society will be fully integrated into that of the world church relationships staff team.

The Revd Stephen Poxon, MMS Secretary, added: "We are so grateful for the work of the MMS and for the faithfulness of the Methodist people, who have given their time, money and passion in service of others throughout the world. They do this because we have a loving God, whose love overflows into his world, transforming it for the better. Mission is not just something done by missionaries and I hope that every Methodist will be inspired to live out the mission that God is calling them to."

The Conference resolved to inspire, educate, communicate with and support Methodists everywhere in order to help them better understand mission, locally and globally.

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