03 July 2014

Boobs aren’t news, says Methodist Conference

  • Sign the No More Page 3 petition here

The Methodist Conference has today pledged its support for the No More Page 3 campaign, and is asking all of its members to sign the campaign's petition.

No More Page 3 campaigns for the voluntary removal of 'Page Three' from the Sun newspaper, and its supporters include Girls' Brigade, Mumsnet and the British Youth Council.  The Methodist Church is the first major UK Church to lend its support to the movement.

"On page three of this family newspaper there is a large image of a topless woman," said Rachel Allison, presenting the proposal to the Conference. "This is most prominent picture of a woman in the newspaper. This sends a clear message that men in suits run the country and excelling at all areas of life, while women are be looked at and seen as purely sexual objects with a set place in society. This is not the message I want society to send to young women in the world.

"The removal of Page Three from the Sun would send a clear message that the objectification of women, and sexism are not acceptable in society and that they are something we must tackle as soon as possible. Boobs are not news."

The campaign petition can be found online here and already has more than 190,000 signatures.

'We're thrilled that young supporter, Rachel Allison, asked the Methodist Church to back the campaign and the result was such a positive yes,' said founder of the campaign, writer and actor Lucy-Anne Holmes. 

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