15 December 2005

Celebrate E-piphany with MethodistChildren

The MethodistChildren team have produced ideas for a children's service for Epiphany, available free of charge on their website. This follows the success of their Narnia-themed Christmas service. Epiphany marks the visit of the wise men to Jesus to present their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. It falls on 6 January each year, and will be celebrated in churches on Sunday the 8th.

'The Christmas story doesn't end on December 25th,' says Steve Pearce, 'and Epiphany, when we think about the wise men presenting gifts to Jesus, and Jesus being a gift to the world, is an important part of Christian life as well. On one hand Epiphany is an easy concept for children to understand, since it comes only two weeks after they gave and received gifts. But it can be hard to grasp what the wise men and their gifts mean, and it also has some rather odd vocabulary. We hope that our service will make Epiphany both fun and informative.'

The service page suggests that the theme should be the giving of practical gifts to the community. Participants will make their 'gift' by writing them on cards that will be kept and revisited during Easter. 'We want people of all ages to think of what they can offer to their community and to the church,' says Steve Pearce, 'and to give these by writing their promise on the cards. When Easter comes, the church can remind the congregation of what they promised, and link the two seasons too.'

The service also offers ways to explain Epiphany to young people, as well as suggested readings and songs. The MethodistChildren website also has other resources for those working with children, as well as a range of items for children including a gallery, bulletin boards, quizzes and games.

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