15 October 2013

Compass: A new introduction to the Christian faith

Compass: A new introduction to the Christian faith


The Methodist Church is pleased to announce the release of the Compass course, an interactive guide and group resource that introduces the Christian faith to those wishing to explore its meaning in greater depth.

The course has eight sessions which are intended to take participants on a journey through the basics of Christianity, whilst exploring the experiences of Methodist heritage and present expressions of church. Sessions will offer an opportunity to ask questions and reflect collectively on different aspects of the Christian faith, such as: what difference Jesus makes today, how are we empowered by the Holy Spirit and in what ways can we engage with Scripture? The final session 'Called by Name' makes Compass suitable for those exploring membership.

The Revd Jenny Ellis, Discipleship Projects Coordinator: "Compass is an exciting, interactive resource enabling people to explore the Way of Jesus, discover different ways to read the Bible, pray, reflect on faith questions, journal and learn what is distinctive about Methodist spirituality. It is geared for those on the fringes of Church, and can be used for membership preparation."

The Compass course  was written over two years by a team convened by Revd Dr Howard Mellor, senior minister at the Methodist International Church in Hong Kong, which included members of the Connexional team and district officers. The course materials comprise a Leader's Guide, Participants' Workbook and an Images pack for Session Two. The Workbook and Images pack can be ordered from  Methodist Publishing (£5 each plus p&p), as well as a sampler (or download the sampler here). The Leader's Guide will soon be available as a  download.

The course has already been piloted by district officers and has received very enthusiastic responses. One participant from the  Peterborough Methodist Circuit, said: "The Compass course gave me the structure to examine my faith and the companionship to discuss issues of faith in an encouraging setting."

Another participant from the Bishop's Stortford Circuit, said: "Particularly welcome were the Methodist Emphasis sections, appreciated not only by those new to Methodism but also by those with a much longer association. All in all, an excellent and timely resource that suited us all well and which we will use again."

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