21 March 2017

Conversation Welcome

In readiness for the impending trigger of Article 50, four of the UK's largest Christian Churches, representing three quarters of a million members, are inviting their congregations to take part in discussions across the UK to explore what kind of society we should be seeking to create.

At a time when the UK is moving towards exiting the EU, there is naturally uncertainty about what our future as a country will look like, whichever way people voted in the referendum. Churches are being invited to take part in constructive conversations about the sort of society we would wish to live in, and hope to leave to future generations. Talking about things where people disagree can be difficult, so a pack - "Conversation Welcome" - has been provided to help.

The conversations will be held by local Baptist, Methodist, United Reformed and Church of Scotland churches. They are being promoted by the Joint Public Issues Team, through which the four Churches work together on issues of justice and inequality.

The resource pack is available here

Baptist Minister, Revd Phil Jump, who is coordinating the initiative and an adviser to the Joint Public Issues Team, commented: "Conversations are important at any time but the extraordinary recent political events have made the need more pressing. The EU Referendum campaign has left some mourning the loss of an important identity, while others are delighted by the opportunities that lie ahead.

"The process of leaving the European Union means making many important decisions that will shape the UK for years to come. By taking part in these conversations, people will discuss a vital underlying question - What kind of society should we be seeking to create?"

The Conversation Welcome discussion will suggest four questions to explore: 
What sort of society do we want to leave for future generations?
How should we treat others?
How should we use our resources?
How should we make decisions?

The conversations can be held in any group size and the resources include prayers, reflections and videos. 

[1] The Joint Public Issues Team combines the expertise of the Baptist Union, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church in the area of public issues, representing more than 800,000 people in the UK.

[2] To arrange an interview with Revd Phil Jump, please contact Michael Ivatt on 0207 467 5191 or email ivattm@methodistchurch.org.uk



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