25 June 2009

From the Superintendent Minister at Methodist Central Hall Westminster

It is with great regret that we have heard of the fake British Citizenship ceremony held at the Methodist Central Hall Westminster in December 2007. Many people were deceived by these fraudsters, including us. We were informed that the event was a "Welcome to Britain" ceremony by an established Chinese British resident who was also a lawyer. The criminals seemed to be bona fide clients who paid most of the invoice prior to the event and signed all the proper contracts. When contacted by the police we offered every assistance, and in fact our closed circuit television record was a great help to the police enquiry.

During that year the company based here at the Methodist Central Hall hosted over two thousand events, as we do most years. We do our very best to make sure that we do not compromise the position of Methodism in any way in our events. In this case we, as everyone else involved, were deceived, and our sympathy goes to those who not only lost a considerable sum of money but who were also disappointed in their hopes of receiving British citizenship.

Martin Turner.

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