26 July 2014

Gaza Statement by the President and Vice-President

The situation in Gaza continues to capture our attention and prompt our compassion. It is time now to pray. This year's Conference directed the Methodist people to the resolutions of the 2010 Conference. One of those resolutions commended all the peoples of the region to the care of Almighty God and urged the Methodist people to engage in regular, informed prayer for the needs of the Land of the Holy One. As President and Vice-President of the Conference, we call all Methodists to that urgent task.

We are not alone in doing so. Christian Aid have provided a prayer for the region; an appeal for funds to help in the situation;  and a call to sign a letter to the Foreign Secretary asking for Britain to take some action. These can be found at Christian Aid's website.
A prayer:
Holy God,
holy and strong in love,
holy and immortal.
have mercy on us and on all in the land called holy.
Where fear brings despair, let there be hope.
Where the urge to defend others brings violence, let there be love.
Where the causes of conflict and the means of reconciliation are beyond our comprehension
may the peace of the Lord, which passes all understanding, guide everyone's hearts and minds
in Christ Jesus. Amen.  


The Revd Kenneth Howcroft, President of the Methodist Conference

Mrs Gill Dascombe, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference

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