10 March 2014

Helping young people navigate the Bible

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Why bother with the Bible? Can we trust it? What difference does it make to life today? Navigate is a free resource designed to help teenagers explore these questions and engage with the Bible.

Produced in partnership between the Methodist Church and Bible Society, Navigate is designed for youth leaders to use with 11-15 year-olds as a basic introduction to the Bible.

"As Christians we take for granted that we should read the Bible, but we often don't ask why or consider the challenges it presents," said Methodist Youth President Tamara Wray. "This course is a fantastic introduction for young people to the most world-changing, exciting and significant book the world has ever seen."

The five interactive sessions, each with an easy-to-use session plan, contain discussions, quizzes, creative and reflective activities as well as five short animations following the journey of Bob as he asks questions about the Bible.

Bible Society has recently conducted research which showed that 80 per cent of parents - 'religious' or not - thought it was important for their children to know Bible stories and 65% of parents thought that Sunday school teachers or church leaders should read Bible stories to their children. However, a third of 15 year olds indicated that they have not read, seen or heard the Nativity story. This is why Bible Society has launched the Pass It On campaign to encourage parents and children to engage with Bible stories.

James Catford, Group Chief Executive of Bible Society, said, "Our research indicates that the Bible's brilliant and engaging stories could be lost to future generations unless people take action. The Bible's contribution to our culture - language, literature, the visual arts and music - is immense. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. The Bible enriches life, and every child should have the opportunity to experience it. The Navigate course is a great way of doing that."

Available to download for free, each session outline contains all the information and resources needed and are accompanied by short videos. For those working offline, a DVD (priced £2.50 plus postage) of the resources can be pre-ordered from Methodist Publishing online or by phoning 0845 017 8220. 


1. High resolution stills from the Navigate animations can be downloaded here.
2. A high resolution photo of Tamara Wray can be downloaded here.  

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