06 November 2014

International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism

Statement from the Methodist Presidency on the International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism (November 9th)

The Revd Ken Howcroft, President of the Methodist Conference, and Ms Gill Dascombe, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference, said:

"With our thoughts on Remembrance Sunday this weekend, let us redouble our efforts to preach peace and counter violence and hatred wherever we encounter them. We stand with victims of violence of all faiths and none. This year Remembrance Sunday coincides with the anniversary of the Kristallnacht atrocities against Jews in Nazi Germany and Austria on 9-10 November 1938. We therefore deplore and condemn all manifestations of anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism, all outbreaks of hatred and persecution. The recent rise in anti-Semitic attacks, for example, is unacceptable to us as Christians. Anti-Semitism, along with other forms of religious hatred, is a denial of the Christian Gospel.

"It is therefore important that we as Christians recall and repent the Church's past failures to condemn anti-Semitism whenever and wherever it has erupted across the world over the centuries. We stand with Jews on November 9th - the International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism. And in standing with them, we also stand with others - lest we forget."

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