30 November 2012

It's time to save on rising energy costs

A new scheme will offer thousands of Methodist churches the opportunity to save money, time and energy on their electricity, gas and oil bills.
The Methodist Church is recommending that all Methodist properties buy their energy through 2buy2. 2buy2 are the Church's approved buying group, offering negotiated energy tariffs from suppliers that they manage on behalf of signed up member churches. This allows them to "bulk buy", identifying the best suppliers of gas, electricity and oil at the best prices.
"This is a great opportunity for all Methodist properties to save time, money and energy by grouping together," said Rob Kissick, 2buy2's Director. "The more properties that sign up, the greater the savings will be. We are excited by the potential for those savings to be spent on mission and ministry in our communities and reducing energy consumption."
Churches will be encouraged to put the money they save towards energy saving measures for their buildings, thus cutting their carbon footprint and saving even more money in the future. Churches will also have the opportunity to purchase green electricity through the scheme, with a discount on standard tariffs.
"The Church has already made a clear commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by 80 per cent by the year 2020," added Julie Robinson-Judd, Connexional Property Coordinator. "Energy saving measures cost money, and we hope that by taking simple practical steps in buying our energy, we can free up funds to shrink both our bills and our environmental impact. It's a huge task, but together we can do it. "
The scheme doesn't just apply to churches - any property that is managed within the circuit, such as schools and manses, can be included. Churches don't even have to wait until their current energy contact expires before registering for the service. More information can be found online here.

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