10 July 2007

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The Methodist Youth Conference is urging the Church to provide greater support for vulnerable young people, to encourage action on climate change and to engage more with young people on issues of faith and sexuality. Received today by the Methodist Conference, the report details all resolutions passed by Youth Conference, with their recommendations to the wider Church.

The report was well received by the Conference, which resolved to encourage churches across Britain to have a month dedicated to action on climate change and made a commitment to produce a policy on 'carbon best practice' for events held by the Church. The Youth Executive also plans to produce a version of the Stern Report on the Economics of Climate Change that is more accessible to young people. Additionally, the Conference pledged to work consult and work more closely with young people on issues of faith and sexuality.

Methodist Youth President, Rob Redpath, says "As young Christians we're passionate about our faith, our world and about social justice. We hope that the month of action on climate change will encourage everyone in the Church to take the issue seriously and think about how our lifestyles affect the world around us. It's about being connected to God and connected to our world".

The report expresses continuing support for NCH's work with vulnerable families as well as young people & children in care or leaving care. It calls for the appointment of independent visitors to work with churches & communities and for increased levels of support for victims of abuse, particularly young people.

The annual Methodist Youth Conference brings together young Methodists from across the UK celebrate, debate and discuss issues that matter to them about the Church and the wider world. Their report to the Methodist Conference gives them the opportunity to make their voices heard, influencing the decisions taken there. Past Youth Conference initiatives include Face 2 Faith; a month of prayer for improved relations between people of different faiths and the inclusion of special prayers for revival in Methodist worship throughout the year.

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