04 October 2013

Lobbying Bill letter

4 October 2013


Dear Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister,


Open Letter: the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill


We are writing to you regarding the potential impact of the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill on religious groups and faith-based organisations. We are concerned that Part II of this Bill, even with the Government amendment, may curtail our ability to express deeply-held beliefs in the political arena.


We represent a number of different religious groups and faith-based organisations, supporting a wide and diverse range of concerns. While we differ on many specific issues, we unanimously recognise the value of open and honest discussion. Our beliefs and our practices often call for us to engage in debate. The work we carry out to raise awareness of issues important to our communities arises from our beliefs and is a manifestation of our faith.


Whilst we support the broad aims of greater clarity and transparency and do not wish to see large amounts of money or opaque lobbying practices distorting British politics, we fear that the Bill may lead to unintended consequences. Following legal advice and a statement from the Electoral Commission, we remain concerned that despite the Government's proposed amendments we still do not have the necessary legal certainty that Part II of this Bill could not be applied to a wide range of legitimate campaigns, despite such activities being intended to be party politically neutral. We are concerned that this Bill does not adequately safeguard the activities of religious organisations and that there is a very real risk that non-biased political activity will be captured by the resultant Act.


We remain deeply concerned at the short timescale of this Bill and consider that time spent now will prevent future misinterpretation and save time in the long term. We ask you to delay the passage of this Bill to allow for consultation on these complex constitutional issues.


Signed by


Paul Anticoni

CEO, World Jewish Relief


Isabel Carter

Chair, Operation Noah


Niall Cooper

National Co-ordinator, Church Action on Poverty


Lt. Colonel Marion Drew

Secretary for Communications, The Salvation Army UK and Ireland


Revd Sally Foster-Fulton

Convener, Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland


Revd Ruth Gee

President of the Methodist Conference


Dr Dave Landrum

Director of Advocacy, Evangelical Alliance


Jehangir Malik

UK Director, Islamic Relief


Loretta Minghella

Director, Christian Aid


Farooq Murad

Secretary General, Muslim Council of Britain


Paul Parker

Recording Clerk, Quakers in Britain


Rabbi Sybil Sheridan

Chair of the Assembly of Reform Rabbis, UK


Neil Thorns

Director of Advocacy, CAFOD

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