06 March 2006

Methodist Church calls for action on sex trafficking

Sex trafficking is one of the most tragic and alarming products of today's society, where women and children are forced or coerced into prostitution. Each year several hundred thousand women are trafficked across Europe and in their Social Action Project, the Women's Network of the Methodist Church is calling for people throughout the Methodist Church in the UK to take action against this modern-day slavery.

A major resource pack, designed to support this project, draws together a variety of different resources from organisations such as Amnesty International and the Conference of European Churches as well as three practical action guides produced by the Women's Network.

The aim of the pack is to support individuals and groups as they campaign through letter writing, to urge the government to sign up to the European Convention on Human Trafficking which will encourage the government to do more for victims of trafficking.

As well as listing further resources, the practical action guides highlight concerns about the creation of temporary brothels for the 2006 Football World Cup in Germany. During this tournament, more brothels than usual will be operating near each stadium. Many foreign sex workers are expected to arrive for the tournament, as victims of forced prostitution and people trafficking. Therefore a key objective of this pack is to discourage those attending the World Cup from visiting brothels.

Margaret Sawyer, Secretary of the Women's Network said: 'trafficking is such a huge issue that we can feel powerless in the face of it, but this resource pack gives real, practical solutions showing how anyone can make a difference. We are campaigning on this at a national level, but there is so much that can be done locally. We cannot let this despicable practice continue unchallenged'.

The Trafficking resource pack is available from The Women' Network Office, Methodist Church House 25 Marylebone Road London NW1 5JR Tel: 0207467 5175. Price £10.00 + P&P £3.20.

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