01 December 2008

Methodist Church invited to 'Sing a New Song'

The Methodist Music Resources Group is asking people to offer their opinions on a new collection of hymns and songs in their 'Sing a New Song' consultation.

The aim is to produce a music resource that retains the best of the old and includes the best of the new, reflecting a diversity of theological and musical traditions. The new compilation contains 294 hymns from the 1983 collection Hymns and Psalms, and draws on the best new material that has emerged since Hymns and Psalms was originally compiled.

The Revd Barbara Bircumshaw, Chair of the Music Resources Group, said; "Worshipping God in music and song is in the very soul of Methodism. This consultation offers people the chance to engage with the draft collection and let us know their thoughts before the final list is submitted to the 2009 Conference for approval."

The draft collection contains over 700 hymns and songs, including international and previously unpublished material. It is arranged by subject, covering themes such as the love of God, suffering, justice and peace. At this stage the list is incomplete and there will be additions and doubtless deletions.

The consultation will run from 1 December 2008 through to the 31 January 2009. The full list of hymns, together with an online response form, is available here. The list will also appear in The Methodist Recorder on Thursday.

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