05 November 2004

Methodist Church launches God’s Mission: The Bigger Picture

Over the coming months Methodists will be asked, literally, to put the body of Christ back together again.

Last year £4 million was given to mission projects from The Methodist Church's three mission funds. The hundreds of stories behind these projects are to be celebrated in an innovative new resource.

God's Mission: The Bigger Picture is a series of nine free booklets, each containing a piece of jigsaw featuring on one side a story from either the Fund for Home Mission, World Mission or Property, and on the other a part of Jesus' body.

The first three booklets are already available, with the next instalments coming in Advent and then Easter 2005. To promote the campaign John Newton, Methodist Church Mission Support Worker, is available to give circuit/district presentations on the work of the three funds.

John Newton said: "We are all like pieces of a jigsaw, coming together to make up the bigger picture of the kingdom of God. Similarly, the many projects of the Funds for Home Mission, World Mission and Property fit together to make up the mission of the church. It is hoped that the new resource will bring to attention the work of the funds, because through them Christ reaches out to touch the world with his blessing."

He continued: "The Funds allow for some very special and unique ministries. At home there are projects like children's drop in centres, and funding for chaplains to take the gospel to the workplace. Abroad we support a HIV hospice in South India and a children's nursery in Uruguay. Then there are missions through the building of new churches, which have facilities to reach out to the community. The work of these funds ties in directly to the Priorities for the Methodist Church, in that they proclaim and affirm the Church's conviction of God's love."

John Newton is available to give circuit/district presentations on the work of the three funds. To arrange this please email newtonj@methodistchurch.org.uk or telephone 020 7467 5274

  'God's Mission: The Bigger Picture' is available free from MPH. Contact: MPH, 4 John Wesley Road, Werrington, Peterborough, PE4 6ZP; T: 01733 325 002; E: sales@mph.org.uk. The order codes for the three parts are: Now - GA191; Advent - GA296; Easter - GA297.

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