30 October 2006

Methodist Church welcomes International Summit on Online Gambling

Speaking in advance of tomorrow's International Summit on Online Gambling, hosted by the Department for Culture Media and Sport, Anthea Cox, Coordinating Secretary for Public Life and Social Justice, said;

"The Methodist Church welcomes the Government's initiative in seeking international agreement on the regulation of e-gambling.

"Research shows that repetitive and continuous play is a significant factor in people becoming problem gamblers. This is a feature of on-line gambling and with increasing numbers of people playing, it is important that these sites should be regulated to protect people from harm and exploitation.

"We welcome the opportunity that the summit conference offers for sharing best practice and agreeing principles for regulation to protect consumers. International meetings are an important way to set up safeguards for online gamblers. Countries must work together as online gambling is not confined to national borders - this is a worldwide issue that demands global attention and co-operation.

"The Methodist Church remains committed to speaking out to protect children and vulnerable groups from being exploited by gambling, to promote greater education about problem gambling, and to help individuals and organisations working with problem gamblers."

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