10 July 2013

Methodist Conference looks forward to launch of the Learning Network

The Methodist Conference has received an update on the creation of the Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network. The new Network, which will launch on 1 September, draws together all of the Church's learning training and development activities in a new structure. 

The creation of the Network was agreed by the Conference in 2012. This year the Conference heard how that decision has been implemented, including how the plans have changed over the year. 

Jude Levermore, Head of Discipleship and Ministries for the Methodist Connexional Team, said: "In implementing the Conference's decisions of 2012, we've been forced to change in some areas and spotted ways to improve on the original ideas in others. But the core remains the same: a learning network for the whole of the Methodist people."

The Network will be supported by two centres: Cliff College in Derbyshire and the Queen's Foundation in Birmingham, an ecumenical venture with the Church of England. Most of the 55 new staff posts will be based in regions to be able to better serve local church needs. They will work with national staff and with the staff at both Queen's and Cliff. 

With the first round of appointments complete, the Learning Network will be ready for its launch on September 1. Says Jude: "A lot of people across the Connexion have worked very hard to get us to this point, and I want to thank all of them. The Network is for the whole of the Methodist people, so we can all grow as Christian disciples. On September 1 some changes will be obvious, while others will take time, but we are all committed to offering the best learning, development and training opportunities to the whole Connexion." 

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