21 April 2006

New look Rainbow dazzles after redesign

MethodistChildren has re-launched Rainbow, the magazine for 4 to 13 year-olds. Produced by Junior Mission for All (JMA), it has a fantastic new look with stunning images illustrating the lives of children all over the world.

As before, Rainbow continues to look at the Church in the whole world, but the focus will be on providing news and ways to learn, pray and serve for all children. The magazine is free to all children, and children's workers are being encouraged to give it those who collect for JMA as they always have, but also to all children in the church.

It can be used in Junior Church, mid-week groups or in worship to help children understand how Christians in other countries live and celebrate their faith. Additional background material in the Follow Up Notes (FUN) help make the most of it as an educational resource.

FUN too is changing. It's growing and becoming an even more invaluable resource for all children's workers with a JMA puppet drama, news of resources, ideas and suggestions for recycling and climate change activities with children.

The latest issue includes prayers written by children from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and pictures from the World Council of Churches in Brazil. It is also launching an appeal to help the thousands of people in Pakistan who are suffering after the massive October 2005 earthquake. Bishop Sammy Azariah from the Church of Pakistan has asked JMA to help make a difference by providing a basic health unit to meet the needs of the survivors of this tragedy. JMA has accepted the challenge to raise £15,000 for this, and is asking all its supporters to make an extra fundraising effort to help the Christian Church in this Muslim country turn this opportunity into a reality.

Steve Pearce, Children's Secretary for the Methodist Church, said; 'It's all about showing children that this is their world and that they can make a real difference. Rainbow is a fantastic resource and, thanks to Audrey Facey of the design team at Methodist Church House, its new look makes it even more accessible for children and adults alike. Raising the money for survivors of the earthquake seems like an enormous task, but we know that we can do it with the help of our supporters.'

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