30 June 2010

New Methodist hymn collection to be published in 2011

The Methodist Conference has announced plans to publish 'Singing the Faith', a major new authorised hymn collection for the Church.

The collection contains 772 hymns and songs, plus 59 canticles and psalms. It has been six years in the making, and will be the first authorised Methodist collection in thirty years. Leading modern hymn writers, including many Methodists, are represented alongside the best of Methodist heritage, such as hymns by Charles Wesley.

Revd Barbara Bircumshaw, Chair of the Music Resource Group, said, "This collection represents the best of old and new. Worshipping through music and lyrics is at the very heart of what it means to be Methodist and drafting this major resource has been a real labour of love. Our expert compilers have sifted through literally thousands of hymns to produce a collection of unsurpassed quality and breadth. The collection draws on both the well-known and the modern, with songs for all ages, from Christian traditions around the world."

For founder of Methodism, John Wesley, singing was essential to a person's spiritual life. So much so that he wrote a list of seven 'directions for singing' for his fellow Christians. These included the entreaty to "Sing lustily and with good courage."

The collection will be launched with a 'big sing' event at the 2011 Methodist Conference in Southport.

Singing the Faith will be published by Hymns Ancient and Modern. The full music edition will cost £30, the words edition £9 and the large print words edition £15. At a future date, these will be supported by electronic resources, including a website offering a free range of extra resources and products relating to the core hymn collection.

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