26 April 2005

New Methodist resource to boost racial awareness training

The Methodist Church is publishing a new resource aimed at racial awareness training facilitators. The new book, Workers for the Harvest, is the first published under a new training strategy by the Committee for Racial Justice.

Naboth Muchopa, Methodist Church Secretary for Racial Justice, says that Workers for the Harvest is intended to complement and build on existing church anti-racism training documents. "Three years ago we produced the racial justice training manual Strangers No More," he says, "which continues to sell very well. But in 2003 The Methodist Church changed its racial awareness training strategy to enable districts and circuits to conduct this training themselves. Workers for the Harvest is designed to allow facilitators to train those who will take racial awareness training into the churches and circuits, using resources such as Strangers No More or Race Into The Future."

Naboth says that Workers is the first of several documents that will be produced to reflect the new strategy. The strategy itself was detailed in the publication Building a Racially Inclusive Methodist Church.

"Although the Methodist Church has been addressing racism and racial justice for many years," says Naboth, "there is still a need for training, and the new strategy will allow districts and circuits to fit this to their local needs. There are similar resources for the secular market, but we need resources that reflect church life. As people of faith, we have a unique way of presenting this, which stems from our belief that God created us all equal."

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