08 July 2013

Prayer for Christians in Syria

As violence against Christians continues in Syria, the Methodist Church in Britain offers the following prayer: 

"God, we pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in Syria. We pray that you will inspire the people of Syria with love and take away hatred as violence continues daily in their land.

As we follow the developments through the eyes of the media, help us to be able to hear the peacemakers and to respond prayerfully to the needs of all people. The promise of our faith is that God is with us in every circumstance. We pray that will be the experience of our Syrian sisters and brothers. Give shelter to those who have fled Syria and those who shelter them, and protect those who stay.

God, we pray that you will provide peacemakers with the strength and wisdom to develop strong inter faith relationships in Syria. May they be guided by you in love to mediate peace and bring an end to violence in Syria. Amen."

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