26 January 2007

Shared lives, changing lives

A new DVD shows how the Methodist Church brings hope, healing and reconciliation to communities around the world.

'Shared Lives' is a short film that combines stories from projects that work for justice and to combat deprivation and poverty with stunning images captured by some World Church Office staff on visits to their partner churches.

The 5-minute film shows how the Fund for World Mission is used to support people all over the world. Stories featured on 'Shared Lives' include that of mission partners Samantha and Peter Taylor, who work with disadvantaged Roma children and with youths in southern Bulgaria. Viewers can also find out about the Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya, which has a world-renowned HIV/AIDS centre, providing food, education and out-patient care for AIDS orphans and those who care for them. The Methodist Church sends medical mission partners, disability specialists and experienced exchange volunteers to support the work of this life-changing project. The film can be viewed online at www.methodist.org.uk/index.cfm?fuseaction=pandw.content&cmid=907.

John Nutt, Mission Education Co-ordinator, said; 'The Methodist Church in Britain has a great heritage of work throughout the world and we want to show people that this legacy is still going strong. The Fund for World Mission supports these projects and many more like them and we want to express our deepest thanks to all those whose continued support has made this possible. 'Shared Lives' gives them a chance to see how their money is being spent, but we also hope that those who don't know about the Fund will be able to find out more'.

The DVD can be run through a normal DVD-Player to view the film, but when run through a computer DVD-drive, users can access a wide range of free resources, ideas and information that can be printed off for use. This includes posters, worship materials, Gift-Aid forms and 'Take Up Your Cross' Ð a self-denial pack for lent. There is also a guide to further web-based material.

The DVD is available free of charge and can be obtained from Mission Education, Methodist Church House, 25 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5JR; email: missioneducation@methodistchurch.org.uk, tel: 020 7467 5116.

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