19 July 2013

Singing the Faith: Enabled by Braille and Accompanied by Piano

Singing the Faith has extended its range with two new editions, making the words and music more accessible to a wider range of congregations and individuals.

On behalf of the Methodist Church, the Torch Trust has produced and published a Braille edition of Singing the Faith. Sheila Armstrong, Braille Transcription Co-ordinator at Torch Trust, project managed the transcribing of the Braille edition, dedicating over a year to the project.

Users can purchase the complete collection or choose individual hymns and songs as electronic Braille-coded files for embossing locally.

Coinciding with the publication of the Braille edition is a complete set of piano accompaniments for every hymn and song in Singing the Faith, performed by the Central Hall organist and Birmingham Conservatoire graduate, Alex Norman. The project was overseen by Revd Paul Wood and Revd Ian Worsfold, from the Coventry and Nuneaton Circuit. Inspired and dedicated through a commitment to 'be more outward focused' through equipping the Connexion, they managed the production of 32 CDs suitable for any CD player, as well as an extra CD containing Midi files.

Revd Paul Wood said: "From the beginning of our involvement in the project, Ian and I believed thatSinging the Faithwould be a great resource to offer the whole Connexion, but we were also aware that many churches struggle to find musicians. To twist the scriptures:'How can they sing the Lord's song - if they don't know the tune!' And so we embarked on recording every hymn, song and alternative tune contained in the new book."

Together these two new editions of Singing the Faith will help enable further inclusivity and outreach to both individuals and congregations.


To order Braille Edition, contact the Torch Trust on:

Tel: 01858 438260 Email: info@torchtrust.org

Web: http://www.torchtrust.org/modules/ResourceCat/cataloguedetail.php?BookID=8032

Note: This is a print-on-demand item. Please allow up to three weeks for this when placing your order.

Piano Accompaniment CDs:

Available to order from Methodist Publishing (0845 017 8220 or www.methodistpublishing.org.uk).

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