17 November 2013

The Revd Paul Flowers

We have issued the following statement, which may be attributed to a Methodist Church spokesperson.

"We expect high standards of our ministers and we have procedures in place for when ministers fail to meet those standards.

"Paul is suspended from duties for a period of three weeks, pending investigations, and will not be available to carry out any ministerial work. We will also work with the police if they feel a crime has been committed."

We are also asking people to pray for all those involved in and affected by this story. 

Paul also offers the following statement:

"This year has been incredibly difficult,  with a death in the family and the pressures of my role with the Cooperative Bank. At the lowest point in this terrible period, I did things that were stupid and wrong. I am sorry for this, and I am seeking professional help, and apologise to all I have hurt or failed by my actions."

We will not make any further comment at this time, but will issue further statements as appropriate. 

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