26 November 2012

Work continues on implementing the Anglican Methodist Covenant

The Joint Implementation Commission (JIC) of the Anglican Methodist Covenant has voiced its disappointment that the General Synod has not found a way to move forward on the question of women bishops. It added, however, that, although the vote in General Synod on Tuesday failed to remove a major obstacle to growing into that unity to which the Church of England and the Methodist Churchare committed in the Covenant between them, the basis of that Covenant has not changed.

"There is much that still unites us and we will continue to work towards the full visible unity of our churches," said the Rt Rev Christopher Cocksworth and Prof Peter Howdle, who co-chair the JIC.

"The relationship between our churches has been growing at all levels - national, regional and local - since the Covenant was made in 2003, with many examples of sharing and working together especially at local level. The JIC is committed to helping our churches continue to grow together and to find new opportunities for serving the common good under the Covenant.

"We hope that Methodists and Anglicans, bound together in Covenant and a common history, in the light of the General Synod vote, will continue to pray for each other, value each other's spiritual heritage and work tirelessly with renewed determination for the unity of the whole Church."


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