09 February 2016

Young people have their say on priorities of Methodist Church


  • Young people have had  their say on their priorities for the Methodist Church
  • Poverty, the environment, bullying and the refugee crisis among top concerns


Young Methodists from across the country have taken the opportunity to share their priorities and passions for their Church, highlighted for the very first time in three new 'manifesto' documents.  

Following research undertaken at the Methodist Children's and Youth Assembly, 3 Generate, three manifestos outlining the foci of the different age groups have been  published online. This new venture is intended to raise the voices of the young people of the Church and highlight the real and varied concerns close to their hearts.

Split into the three age group tiers of the assembly - 8-11s, 11-18s and 18-23s - the manifestos highlight many different issues important to young Methodists including: the environment, poverty, bullying, disability accessibility and the refugee crisis.

Craig Gaffney, Youth President of the Methodist Church added: "These statements are essential reading for all Methodists across the Connexion. It is vital that everyone in the Church engages with the voice of young people and the topics close to their hearts. All of the issues raised should be important to the whole Church and its membership and should be a regular focus for any Christian living out their faith."

Craig continued: "It's so encouraging to see that the young people of the Methodist Church are so passionate about social and global issues. I am proud to be part of a Church where even our youngest members have a heart for those in need." 



  1. 3Generate, the Methodist Children & Youth Assembly, is an action-packed weekend for hearing the voice of children and young people across the Methodist Church, focussing on fun, faith and friends. For more information,  see their website.
  2. For more information about the manifestos,  click here.
  3. Craig Gaffney, Youth President of the Methodist Church is available for interview. Please contact Media Officer Toby Fairclough for more information.


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