31 October 2017

“It’s a drill. No … wait … the building may actually be on fire!”

Well as the saying goes: ‘time flies when you’re having fun.’ One month in and what a month! 

It all started back in my dear home town of Stamford on September 3, a day that will forever be etched into my mind, when I was officially welcomed into my role as Youth President.

It was a great service and was really nice to see so many friends and family there (a video of my speech will be made available soon).

Then down to London for the launch of the ONE Interns programme, a really great event and my thoughts and prayers go out to them as they embark on what promises to be a wonderful year for them,


So in my time in working in Methodist Church House (MCH) I’ve been aware of two fire alarms. The first took place when myself and Andy Jackson, the Director of Publishing and Communications, were out getting coffee and talking about running this blog and various other aspects of social media.

When we returned we were informed that there had been an alarm, which was a drill.

The second time it happened I’d come in early one morning to have a phone call with a regional co-ordinator, and the fire alarm goes off. My natural instincts make me walk in a calm manner towards a fire exit, but one of the support staff says: ‘It’s only a drill’. So I sit back down to continue with the email I was writing.

A few seconds pass and people look slightly more worried. A member of the team says again ‘it’s a drill’, then pauses for about 10 seconds then says ‘No, wait, the building may actually be on fire!’ and so I grab my jacket and proceed to the exit.

Just as I’m about to descend the stairs, the fire alarm stops. I’m sure someone must have been playing a prank with us!

What’s been happening?

I’ve now attended my first Connexional Team Meeting (a meeting of the staff of the church) which was really interesting, as it offers an insight into elements of how team works. It was really good to hear what various people are doing in the team, such as a think tank about student ministry, emergency appeals, and presentations from people visiting us from Methodist churches overseas.

At Cliff College I spent a weekend with the ONE Programme Participants. One week later, I’m back at Cliff with the 3Generate Reps.

Following a week of meetings at MCH I’m was off again to attend the Connexional Leaders’ Forum, discussing the Statistics for Mission report, with some really interesting conversations and great ideas flowing through the room.

CLF brings together the people who are Designate, current or ex-President and Vice-President, the Secretary of the Conference, strategic leaders of the Connexional Team, members of the Strategy and Resources Committee, the Stationing Committee, the Methodist Council and the District Chairs.

It meets three times a year and whilst it is not a decision-making body, it does provide the opportunity for leaders in the Methodist Church in Britain to gather together for mutual sharing, discussion and support.

Finally this month finished up with a service with the President of the Conference at Uppingham. It was nice to be in my home circuit again its turning out to be quite hard to get home.

Having been to the CLF and the Methodist Council, I wonder if change isn’t a bad thing. I am currently considering some ideas about our structure and if it’s best suited for what we all want to achieve. What are your thoughts? Please let me know.

A parting quote

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” Barack Obama

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