08 July 2019

Music lovers - what do you think should have been on the Vice-President's Conference Playlist?

Dear Music-Lovers                                    

Here’s the ‘Vice-President’s Playlist’from the 2019 Conference.

I’m so pleased to hear it proved helpful to many people, and aroused interest amongst both Conference-members and those listening on livestream. In making it available, I want to ask a favour of you: tell me what the list should have included. For I am conscious that whilst the list wasn’t simply a list of tracks that I like (I did think about them all very carefully!), I am fully aware it was limited. I was gently ribbed about the absence of choral music, for example. I am also aware that whilst international, my choice was very ‘Northern Hemisphere’. So I need your help in expanding my (and others’) horizons.

Bear in mind I’m not just looking for your ‘300 greatest tracks of all time’! I want you to let me know tracks which you think could have been used just before or after business sessions of Conference, or within Conference worship. In that way, we’ll together build up a very useful music resource. Whether or not music will ever be used in this way in Conference again, at least we’ll have shared some insights about what could be used in other similar settings.

Send any suggestions (however small or large) to the pandvp@methodistchurch.org.uk email address before 31 Jan 2020. I’ll then write something up before the end of the VP year, based on your responses. I may even publish the full list in some way!

Many thanks


Clive Marsh

Vice-President of the Methodist Conference 2019/20

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