25 March 2019

The Isle of Man District

Last week, Bala and Michaela, and Sylvia and Sandy, spent a few days visiting the Isle of Man District.

The trip did not start well as our plane from Gatwick could not land due to fog. So flights were hurriedly re-booked and 24 hours later we flew in from City Airport.

This gave us a first hand lesson in some of the challenges of island living. The trip was wonderful - we visited the RNLI at Peel, spent time admiring the 'Bus of Blessing' which has been bought by the District to be used by churches to bless their communities in all sorts of ways.

We spent time with Methodists and URC members in Ramsey who are working towards becoming an LEP and have been offered hospitality to worship in the local Anglican Church hall.

We visited ancient Celtic crosses that show the blending of Christianity with the stories and legends of the island and later had a meal and conversation with Methodists from all over the island. Michaela led a quiet day, reflecting on reverence and finding God in the everyday. It was a lovely visit in a unique context.

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