09 March 2019

A busy week

Last week was busy for the President. At the weekend she was very 'courageous' at the Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury District's Big Day Out. This included talking about Radical Grace, putting her hand in a 'box of doom' with a mystery object and wearing a python (yes a real live snake) around her neck. But the really courageous people were those 300 who turned up, had a go, talked about faith and those who took this risk of organising a multi-generational event and did it magnificently.

On the Sunday Michaela preached at Walsall Central Hall and learnt about a great project, 'Ablewell', which offers debt advice, runs a food bank and lots of other essential services helping people to fullness of life. Afterwards she visited a mosque in Walsall and heard of the great relationship between two faith communities.

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