06 February 2019

A reflection on Wilderness

To be used as part of All We Can's Lent resources.

The Call of the Wild - by Michaela Youngson

The call of the wild 
sounds romantic to the inner child,
devoid of cares
who dares
to set off on unknown byways and
adventurous highways. 
There is a different call
when you pick up all 
you can carry
and dare not tarry
as the rattle of machine gun
or the drone of the drones
robs childhood of fun
and families of homes. 
The dogged rhythmic beat
of endless walking feet 
day in and day out 
carrying hope and doubt;
longing for a welcome,
for a rest, 
for a cast off bed, 
no need for your best. 
As false gods and prophets 
break vows and make profits
and give in to temptations 
of power and control; 
a wandering preacher 
a healer and teacher 
weeps gently
for the children who will never grow old. 
He watches the able
fail to turn the table
of injustice and loss
and so revisits the cross.
For love’s sake 
call out from the wilderness 
the orphan, widow and refugee. 
For Christ’s sake 
Call out the careless war-brokers 
and conflict stokers, 
that in peace and safety 
all might be free.

Revd Michaela Youngson (Spoken Word) from AllWeCan on Vimeo.

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