14 February 2019

An offering for Saint Valentine’s Day from Michaela

The news headlines today 
have a lot to say
about looking after our hearts.
On this Saint's day
it seems a little unromantic
to focus on statins and cholesterol
rather than roses and cards.
The miracle of creative love
behind the divine engineering 
of our hearts
goes beyond a Valentine, 
however lovingly given.
To keep beating a rhythm of life
requires self care 
and care of those we love
and sometimes the skills
of surgeons and nurses.
So happy Valentine's Day
to the wholehearted,
the brokenhearted,
the mending and the mended,
the medicated,
the anticipating and anticipated,
to the disappointed 
to the romantic and to the cynic
to those who travel with friends
and those who wander alone.

Michaela Youngson
Photo from Hippings Methodist Primary School.

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