10 July 2019

How we will keep in touch during our presidential year

We have been chatting about how to keep in touch with everyone throughout the year and so here's the plan ....

Clive is going to write a monthly article for the Methodist Recorder entitled: From the Vice President's cupboard!

We are both going to be regular contributors to the Monday blog Theology Everywhere www.theologyeverywhere.org

There's the study book available from Darton Longman and Toddhttp://dltbooks.com/t…/2250-9780232534061-so-whats-the-story.

Or from the Methodist Book Centre, Stoke on Trent https://www.crfl.co.uk/default.asp

If you buy the book this is from Amazon be sure to make a donation to All We Can through Amazon Smile, The book is a great resource for private reading or house group study .... we've sold 1000 copies already - all profits go to the Methodist Church, not to us!

We are going to be writing more about the book in the Methodist Recorder.

We'll let you know what we've been up to on this Facebook page but as Clive is not a Facebook buff you are likely to hear more about Barbara (Clive would like to reassure you that this is because he is very busy doing important things rather than fiddling about on the internet 😎)

Barbara will also be posting prayers ....

So, we want to keep in touch in helpful but not intrusive ways and we'd love to hear your account of how the story telling theme is working out where you are ..... please keep in touch.

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