Experience Easter - Lerwick Methodist Church

More than 200 children and 20 staff from local primary schools took part in a series of sessions at Lerwick Methodist Church exploring the events of Holy Week.

Experience Easter sessions are based on material published by the Anglican Diocese of Gloucester. Each of the six stations involves a creative retelling of the part of the Passion, including Jesus washing disciples’ feet, the Last Supper and an activity for the children to relate to their own experience with questions such as “How can I serve others?”, “What am I afraid of?” and “When do we have a celebration meal?”

The ‘Experience’ has been used every year and the schools have been very positive in their feedback. One of the schools reported receiving an email from some parents thanking the school for taking part in this.

The Revd Dr Andrew Fox said: “I enjoy working with a team of church members in helping the children and staff to experience the wonder and relevance of the Bible for us today.”

Website: Lerwick Methodist Church 

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