Aiming to 'Reach' everyone - Brough Methodist District, East Riding of Yorkshire

Brough Methodist Church has launched a new project that aims to provide weekly, welcoming and contemporary worship for people in the town.

The ‘Reach’ project provides a safe and inclusive place for families and people of all ages to come together in vibrant, modern worship featuring music, singing, readings, arts and crafts, dance and drama, alongside prayer and contemplation.

Taking place on Thursdays at 6.30pm, the emphasis is on creating an informal relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Karen Clark, one of the coordinators of the project, said: “This is such an exciting time. The scheme aims to be more appealing to those who have found traditional services not to their liking, those who would like to explore their spirituality through a fresh approach to church or those who simply want to try worship for the first time."

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