Dr Who takeover - Ruislip Manor Methodist Church

A Dalek and Davros landed at Ruislip Manor Methodist Church as a reminder that people’s hobbies and interests can be appropriately and usefully related to the Christian message.

Devoid of emotion and simply programed to rule the universe, the Daleks’ ruthlessness was contrasted with the compassion of God.

The villains were accompanied to the church by Simon-Peter Bowling - commonly known as SP - a member of Hyde Fundraisers who create replica popular sci-fi characters to raise funds for charities.

This was the first time that the Dr Who villains were used in a service but Mr Bowling readily agreed to share them in the service.

The Revd Roger Dunlop said: “Dr Who is such a cultural icon, it was too good an opportunity to miss for drawing out preaching themes from the TV programme both for the children’s talk and for the Covenant Sunday sermon. Fortunately, nobody was exterminated but a number of members recalled hiding behind the settee in their childhoods!"


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