Luncheon club eases loneliness - Cullen Methodist Church, Scotland

Cullen Methodist Church, on Scotland’s beautiful Moray Coast, recently stepped in to meet a need within the community that surrounds it.

The church is situated on the seafront and is surrounded by a traditional fishing village, which over the years, has lost much of its local facilities and where the population is mainly single, elderly people.

Church members and the Revd Ray Cummins came to realise that many of the local people did not have company when eating, so a plan was hatched to provide a monthly cooked meal.

The lunch was well attended with people enjoying good food, great fellowship and a short epilogue.

Several months later the luncheon club has become such a success that people have to pre-book in order to secure a place.

The Revd Chris Jackson said: "It is amazing what great opportunities exist for building the Kingdom of God, quite literally, on your own doorstep.”

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