Record-breaking jigsaw raises funds for charities - Christchurch Church, Ilkley

Jigsaw enthusiasts at Christchurch Ilkley, a Methodist and United Reformed Church, took on a world-record challenge over the winter months that attracted the attention of visitors of all ages.

Linking 48,000 pieces of the world's largest production jigsaw, it measured an impressive 25ft x 6ft, in 24 linked panels, which took considerable commitment to complete.

One special visitor to see the jigsaw was TV and radio presenter Alan Titchmarsh, who was born and raised in Ilkley. He took a close look at the jigsaw illustrations of scenes from around the world and reflected on the places he has visited.

Alan expressed his admiration for the amount of work involved in putting together the pieces and accepted a challenge to fit in the final piece.

The finished jigsaw covered most of the hall floor and was put on display in the Easter holiday, raising funds for the church, Cancer Research UK and Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Margo Atkinson, from Christchurch Ilkley said: “All those tiny jigsaw pieces represent a huge amount of detailed work and friendly cooperation behind the project over the winter months".

Email: Margo Atkinson

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