80th Anniversary - Sprotbrough Methodist Church, Doncaster

Sprotbrough Methodist Church, in the Doncaster Circuit, marked its 80th anniversary on Sunday, 25 November.

Worship saw all generations of the church family come together in celebration. Led by local preacher David Banks, the service focused on ‘We are the church’. It began by looking at the work of SMC Kids over the last month ‘remembering the saints’ and how each of us has an important role to play in becoming the 'saints of our church'.

Those present reflected on ‘being the church’, and were shown a newspaper clipping from the Doncaster Gazette, printed in 1938 reporting on the opening of the church and a speech by Mrs Lambert, who said: “They had built a church of bricks and mortar, and now they wanted to build up a spiritual church; a church in the real sense of the word, where friendship and fellowship could be found with the community and with God. This is God’s house and I pray that it may be God’s home, our home and the home of all who seek the highest things in life. I hope that we may prosper in this place.

After the service, congregants from four months old to those in their nineties, gathered in the hall for a wonderful lunch and the cutting of a cake.


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