Finding joy through memory worship - Wesley Methodist Church, Leigh-on-Sea

A new ministry has been set up for those with dementia and their carers. Memory Worship, at Wesley Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea, can be a channel for recalling the past, creating feelings for comfort, familiarity and spiritual fulfilment.

Anyone can attend who wishes to approach and praise God and feel His caring presence together. Music is an important key to memory and a familiar constant in Memory Worship.

The monthly programme, designed around the Christian festivals, uses a consistent and informed group of community volunteers and covers topics such as ‘In God we praise’, ‘In God we find joy’ and ‘In God we celebrate’.

Craft and music are important parts of the event: creative skills can be retained and even new ones learned by people living with dementia. The worship also provides a free and safe opportunity for carers to share experiences.

The Revd Julia Monaghan said: “At Memory Worship we believe in a God who accepts us and meets us where we are today."



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