19 October 2018

2018 statistics collection: October update

This information was sent to all Membership Secretaries, Chairs of District, District Administrators, Superintendents and Circuit Administrators on the above publishing date of this news article.

Here’s just a few tips and reminders as we’re all getting on with submitting the 2018 data:

  • When reporting a change in a society’s status (ceased to meet, became a class, merged, ceased LEP), don’t forget to submit the final statistics first. The change in status will not be processed otherwise.
  •  When authorising a new user, make sure you tick the authorisation tick box AND give them the necessary permissions. Just selecting a church or circuit will not enable the new web user to perform any actions – they need specific UPDATE STATISTICS, UPDATE RETURNS or UPDATE CONSENTS/READ PROPERTY permissions as well. We are also working on improving the visibility of the tick boxes.
  • Ministers cannot edit their profile via the Edit My Profile Link; they need to log into the Ministers section accessible via the welcome page to make any changes.
  • Probationer Ministers should have been given a web user account with the email address provided to the Conference Office as part of the stationing process. Passwords can be retrieved via the link on the login page. Circuit-level users with user management permissions should see probationers in their display of circuit users.
  • Technical issues on the Statistics for Mission site and other parts of the Online Suite (Annual Returns, Property Consents) will be publicised on the main Online Suite page of the Methodist website, where you can also find links to guidance documents and Frequently Asked Question pages: methodist.org.uk/onlinesuite
    Urgent issues affecting all users will also be communicated via direct email if deemed necessary.
  • In the newly added statistics news section on the Methodist website, you can find all the recent information emails for reference in case they have been swallowed up by your mailbox: methodist.org.uk/about-us/statistics-for-mission/news
  • Finally, please ensure that your own District and circuit websites, respectively, do not refer to outdated links or documents concerning the Online Suite or any other guidance related to statistics, returns or consents. The most up to date information is always on the Methodist website.

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