The Methodist Church is Britain's fourth largest Christian denomination and part of the worldwide Methodist family of over 60 million committed members and a further 20 million adherents.

Click on the documents below for more interesting facts and figures. The 2018 editions are created from the information provided during the 2017 data collection.

Methodism in Numbers - Statistics at a glance: 2018 edition (PDF)

Infographics: 2018 edition (PDF)

Infographics: 2018 edition (PowerPoint)


Submitting statistics

Click on the link below for entering your church's annual statistics, updating office holders and editing your church's profile via the Methodist Online Suite of Applications.


The final submission deadline for the 2018 statistical data is 2 April 2019. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Web Support Officer (Statistics)

Church, circuit and district office holders and profiles may be updated throughout the year.

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