Why does this matter?

Some people have said this work is about ‘political correctness’ but the Strategy for Justice, Dignity and Solidarity was written by more than 40 people, and adopted by the Conference 2021 because of the impact on people’s lives when we do not treat each other well. We believe that these concerns come from the Bible and are important if we want to witness to God’s love for all people.

I feel part of a movement that is bravely lifting heads towards God, being given the chance to speak out against injustice and for my words to have been heard and understood. The nature of my heart has been felt, not the colour of my skin. For once in my UK Church life, I feel the warmth of hope in reality and not just silently in my heart.

This is about listening to, and learning from, real life experience.

Below are quotations to help you understand, and to share with others, what it means for people in practice. They are quotations from real Methodists which show how we need to change and what a difference it makes when we do!

Quotations: why this matters (Pdf)


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