Review of the 1993 Resolutions on Human Sexuality (2007)

In 1993 the Methodist Conference meeting in Derby passed six resolutions covering issues to do with human sexuality.

In 2006 the Methodist Conference passed Resolution 40/9, which set up a consultation throughout the Connexion on whether the Derby Resolutions should be revised, and if so, what changes should be made. The consultation lasted from February to June 2007.

A Working Group was appointed by the Methodist Council to oversee the process. It reported to the Methodist Council in October 2007.


The Working Group unanimously recommended that the Council should not seek to revise the Resolutions.  The Council agreed, and so no revision of the Resolutions will take place at the present time.

Over 1200 responses were received by the group, and several face-to-face meetings were held.  You can read more detail about the work of the group by looking at their report to the October 2007 Methodist Council.



2005 Pilgrimage of Faith Report (Word doc)

2006 Pilgrimage of Faith Report (Word doc)

January 2007 Report from Working Party to the Methodist Council(Word doc)

February 2007 Methodist Recorder article on the Derby Resolutions and the review process (pdf)

July 2007 Report from Methodist Council to Methodist Conference - p. 447, Section D

October 2007 Report from the Working Group to the Methodist Council

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