Talking of Marriage and Relationships - additional resources

This page contains additional resources to support discussions around marriage and relationships.  The main resources for these discussions can be found on the Talking of Marriage and Relationships page.

Scriptural and Theological Activities
from a workshop by The Revd D Paul C Smith and The Revd Dr Samuel McBratney

Two Perspectives (conservative and progressive Christian perspectives on same sex relationships)

Biblical authority activity sheet and Scripture and Theology context handout (these should be used together)

History of Marriage
From a presentation by The Revd Dr Sheryl Anderson and The Revd Dr David M Chapman

Icebreaker Quiz

Session Outline

Additional Paper by The Revd Dr Sheryl Anderson: Towards a theology of marriage in the 21st century

Additional Paper by The Revd Dr David Chapman: The Solemnisation of Marriage in Methodism

Additional Notes

Resources to help facilitators to organise good group discussions


Learning Styles: Handout and Jigsaw

Mixing Groups

Involving Introverts and Extroverts

Using Jenga

Listening Skills

Seven Scenarios to consider before planning a discussion:


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