Saturday 30 June 16:45

Conference Diaconal Committee

54 Report to the Representative Session of business conducted by the Conference Diaconal Committee


54/1. The Conference receives the Report.

54/2. The Conference resolves, by a Standing Vote, that it accepts for training, unconditionally or conditionally as the case may be, the candidates for ministry recommended by the Diaconal Committee whose names are recorded in the report of that Committee.

54/3. The Conference adopts the report on diaconal students and probationers recommended for continuance in training or on probation as set out in section 4. 

54/4. The Conference resolves by a Standing Vote that those persons whose names have been read to the Conference and are printed in the Agenda be now received into Full Connexion with the Conference as deacons, and, if not already ordained, to be ordained by prayer and the laying on of hands and to be received into full membership of the Methodist Diaconal Order on the afternoon of this day, the 1st day of July, at Southwell Minster.

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