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Ministry in the Methodist Church


32 Ministry in the Methodist Church 


32/1. The Conference receives Part A of the Report.

32/2. The Conference receives Part B of the Report.

32/3. The Conference, pursuant to Standing Order 129 (2) and (3):
(i) commends the draft Conference Statement ‘Ministry in the Methodist Church’ to the Connexion for study, discussion and response;
(ii) directs the Secretary of the Conference to ensure that the draft Statement is made widely available for study and discussion.
(iii) invites Districts, Circuits and Local Churches to send comments on the draft Statement to the Secretary of the Faith and Order Committee to arrive not later than 1 February 2020.

32/4. The Conference receives part C of the Report.

Notice of Motion 109: Church stewards and lay leadership

32/5. The Conference directs the Secretary of the Conference to oversee joint work by the Faith and Order, Ministries, and Stationing committees to explore the aspects of changing patterns of ministry identified in paragraphs 2.3 to 2.6 of this report (particularly revisiting Releasing Ministers for Ministry, itinerancy and stationing, local pastoral ministry, and employed lay ministry) and to report on such joint work to the 2020 Conference.

Notice of Motion 102: Joint work on ministry

32/6. The Conference directs the Ministries Committee to continue to give attention to pioneer ministry and to ensure that there is a gathering of learning and opportunities for collaborative reflection on questions of practice, policy and theology. 

32/7. The Conference directs the Faith and Order Committee to explore theological and ecclesiological aspects of the nature of leadership in the Methodist Church and report to the 2020 Conference.

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