Daily papers and Notices of Motion

Daily papers will appear here during the Conference. Namely:


Order Papers

For each session of the Conference a small business committee (appointed by the preceding Conference) recommends in what order each day’s business should be dealt with. Its recommendations are printed in the Order Paper.

Presbyteral Session

Order Paper Thursday 27 June (pages 1 - 4)
Order Paper Friday 28 June (pages 5 - 8)

Representative Session

Order Paper Saturday 29 June (pages 9 - 26)
Order Paper Sunday 30 June (pages 27 - 28)
Order Paper Monday 1 July (pages 29 - 35)
Order Paper Tuesday 2 July (pages 36 - 43)
Order Paper Wednesday 3 July (pages 44 - 55)
Order Paper Thursday 4 July (pages 56 - 61)


Notices of Motion

Any two members of the Conference may (with a number of additional signatories) bring a resolution to the Conference , either in respect of an item of existing business or a matter of concern to the Church. This is also the means by which an amendment to a resolution or a reply to a memorial may be proposed. 

Notice of Motion Green (existing business) 101 
Notices of Motion Green 102-016 
Notices of Motion Yellow (new business) 201-213 
Notice of Motion Yellow 214


Notice of Motion submission form (Word doc)


Daily Record

The Daily Record is the formal record of the decisions made by the Conference.

The Complete Daily Record

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