Connexional Team Stand

The overall task of the Connexional Team is to assist the Church in furthering the purposes of the Methodist Church, in particular enabling it to better fulfil its calling of responding to God’s love in Christ and working out its discipleship in worship and mission. The Team is charged with providing appropriate support for Local Churches, Circuits and Districts as they work to fulfil the purposes of the Methodist Church… (Standing Order 303).

Each year at the Methodist Conference, in order to support the Conference business, there is a Connexional Team Stand. Here the Team displays a range of resources, usually available in print, online and on sale through Methodist Publishing. This year, the stand has to be online like the rest of the Conference, but we are still able to provide links and direct you to where physical resources can be ordered. We have annual Connexional resources, such as the Presidential prayer card and the 2020-2022 Methodist Church diary, and supporting materials that relate to the business on each day’s agenda of the Conference.

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